on Friday, 07 December 2012

Cooperative Framework of the AUN/SEED-Net Turns a New Page of Cooperation

on Friday, 07 December 2012.  Posted in 2012, ASEAN Secretariat News


Cooperative Framework of the AUN/SEED-Net Turns a New Page of Cooperation


Representatives of governments and leading universities in ASEAN and Japan gathered in Bangkok recently to sign the Cooperative Framework of the ASEAN University Network/Southeast Asia Engineering Education Development Network (AUN/SEED-Net). The Signing Ceremony was organised at the sidelines of the 7th ASEAN Senior Officials on Education Meeting.

This Framework will open a new page of cooperation for the AUN/SEED-Net Network in the next 5 years, starting from March 2013, which will focus on three missions. First, it will contribute to advancement of the industry in the ASEAN region through promotion of university – industry collaborative activities. Second, regional common issues will be intensely addressed and responded through collaborative researches and conferences. Last but not least, the Network will continue enhancing educational and research capacities of our member institutions through production of high-qualified faculty staff, promotion of researcher and student mobility around the region and Japan, alongside encouragement of joint international program development by the member institutions.

These are new collaborations among the universities in this region and also the first kind of cooperation between the academic network and the industries in ASEAN. With high expectation from the concerned parties and governments, the AUN/SEED-Net can contribute to the establishment of the ASEAN Community especially in fostering solidarity among academics and professionals and producing high-quality manpower with the spirit of ASEAN.

Around 90 scholarships and numerous research grants are awarded annually to ASEAN students and faculty staffs; while 80 professors from Japan are dispatched to the ASEAN region for expertise transfer each year. So far, the AUN/SEED-Net Project has given scholarships to over 800 students and young teaching staffs to pursue Master and Doctoral degree to strengthen the faculty qualifications and academic capacities. It also produces a number of collaborative research projects between the ASEAN member institutions and Japanese supporting universities, tightens connection and partnership among them, and sets off the network of engineering experts among ASEAN and Japan.

Since its establishment in 2001, derived from the decision of the ASEAN – Japan Summit, the AUN/SEED-Net has been expanding in both scale and scope of cooperation. Initially the Network comprises 19 leading engineering institutions in ASEAN and 11 supporting universities in Japan. Now it has 26 institutions in ASEAN and 14 institutions in Japan.


More information is available at  :  http://www.asean.org/news/item/cooperative-framework-of-the-aunseed-net-turns-a-new-page-of-cooperation?category_id=27




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