ASEAN Growth

ASEAN Growth        


The global market for meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions (MICE) continues to expand, with Asia outpacing the rest of the world. In addition, deregulation of air travel has led to a boom in mobility across Asia, while all levels of accommodation continue to open in key markets to keep pace with the growth

While MICE in Thailand enjoyed growth of 20% a year during the middle of the decade, the world economic slowdown in 2008/9 has led to reduced attendance and spending at trade shows. Nevertheless, TCEB continues to work closely with other government agencies and the private sector to overcome these challenges and to support the local MICE sector in bidding for and organising international MICE events. Thailand currently has 6 international standard exhibition centers with over 150,000 sqm of dedicated exhibition space.

In 2009, Thailand hosted many major events, attracting a large number of international delegates, including the 17th IT&CMA and 12th CTW Convention, Bangkok International Gems & Jewelry Fair, 30th Bangkok International Motor Show, 23rd Metalex, VIV Asia 2009, 19th International Congress of Nutrition and 19th World Congress of Neurology.

Inbound MICE visitors generate as much as 12.6 of total annual tourism revenue to Thailand. On average, MICE delegates spend 84,000 baht per person per trip, 4-5 times the corresponding amount spent by regular tourists. This translates into estimated 2008 revenues for Thailand of 65 billion baht from close to 979,000 inbound MICE visitors, a 19 growth rate from last year.

With the Asian economy showing strong signs of recovery, TCEB expects a number major international events to be held in 2010, including FESPA World Expo Asia Pacific 2010, 18th IT&CMA/CTW, VIV Asia 2010 and Metalex 2008.   A total of 785,816 MICE visitors are anticipated in 2010, generating US$ 1,725.75 Million (1 US$ ≈ 33 THB) in revenue.


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